District News

Click the photo below to view the Fine Arts Gallery from Cherryvale Elementary and Bates Middle.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, September 18
Interims Issued
8 AM Oakland Primary First Grade Parent Workshop
4-6 PM Hillcrest Middle Parent Conferences
5 PM High Hills PTA Open House
5 PM Mayewood Middle SIC Meeting
5:30-8 PM Millwood Elementary Chick-Fil-A Night
5:30 PM Lakewood Junior Civitans Induction in the Lecture Hall
6-7:30 PM Chestnut Oaks Parent Teacher Conferences
6-7:30 PM Mayewood Middle Open House
6-8 PM Bates Middle Open House
6 PM Cherryvale Elementary Open House
6 PM Pocalla Springs Boy Scouts Sign-up Meeting
6 PM FJ Delaine PTA Open House

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