District News

Click the photo below to view the Fine Arts Gallery from Cherryvale Elementary and Bates Middle.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, September 17
FJ Delaine Dads Take Your Child to School Day and Breakfast
Thursday, September 18
Interims Issued
8 AM Oakland Primary First Grade Parent Workshop
4-6 PM Hillcrest Middle Parent Conferences
5 PM High Hills PTA Open House
5 PM Mayewood Middle SIC Meeting
5:30-8 PM Millwood Elementary Chick-Fil-A Night
5:30 PM Lakewood Junior Civitans Induction in the Lecture Hall
6-7:30 PM Chestnut Oaks Parent Teacher Conferences
6-7:30 PM Mayewood Middle Open House
6-8 PM Bates Middle Open House
6 PM Cherryvale Elementary Open House
6 PM Pocalla Springs Boy Scouts Sign-up Meeting
6 PM FJ Delaine PTA Open House

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