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Congratulations to Brittany Bickford and Samoria Session from Sumter High School for achieving 12 years of perfect attendance!

Upcoming Events

Monday, May 30
Memorial Day
Tuesday, May 31
Wilder Elementary Field Day
Willow Drive Kindergarten Field Day
8 AM Chestnut Oaks Middle 6th Grade Awards
9 AM FJ DeLaine 5th Grade Celebration
9 AM Alice Drive Middle 6th Grade Awards
9 AM RE Davis Kindergarten Program
9:30 AM Chestnut Oaks Middle 7th Grade Awards
9:30 AM Lemira 5th Grade Promotion at Patriot Hall
10 AM Sumter High Class Day in the Gym
10 AM RE Davis Awards Grades 1-2
11 AM RE Davis Awards Grades 3-4
11 AM Alice Drive Middle 7th Grade Awards
5:30 PM RE Davis 5th Grade Promotion
6 PM Lakewood Track and Field Banquet
6-8 PM Kingsbury 5th Grade Promotion @ Lakewood FAC
7 PM Alice Drive Elementary 5th Grade Graduation at Patriot Hall

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